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Nursing Assistant

When hiring a Nursing Assistant, it is important to remember that this is one of the most physically and mentally demanding of vocations! Nursing Assistants are required to work long hours and are often expected to work in high-stress situations. There is never a dull moment and the job requires someone who is constantly attune to other people's needs. Ensuing the health and safety of patients is a Nursing Assistants number one priority so making sure you hire the right person for the role is imperative.

The skills and personality traits that enable a Nursing Assistant to thrive in this role include being calm under pressure, enjoy dealing with members of the public, time management, compassion, empathy, an ability to listen and communicate to a high standard, work well with senior members of the nursing team.

Interview Questions

Why do you want to enter the nursing profession?

Can you describe a time when you have provided care for someone?

What would your procedure be before entering into a patient's room?

How would you ensure accuracy in reporting a patient's signs?

How would you respond if you saw someone not following proper patient procedure?

What are your processes and procedures for dealing with confidential and sensitive information?

How would you respond if a patient refused your care?

What would you do if you felt a patient was being abused?

How do you cope with dealing with high stress situations?

What would you do if your shift replacement did not arrive?