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Truck Driver

When hiring a Truck Driver, it's important to remember that they will be playing an integral part in ensuring your organization's goods and products end at the agreed destination in a timely and prompt manner. A Truck Driver needs to not only understand the protocols and procedures for driving on highways, interstates and freeways, but also must be able to grasp the intricacies of managing their route, scheduling regular stops and operating in a safe manner. Furthermore Truck Drivers must have a comprehensive grasp of the workings of a truck, how to balance their load as well as how to unload and load as efficiently as possible.

The skills and personality traits that enable a Truck Driver to thrive in their role include being reliable, able to work with minimal to no supervision, excellent concentration, good record keeping skills, provides good customer care, is good at planning and re-routing when required and can work to a deadline.

Interview Questions

How long have you been working in trucking / transportation?

What knowledge and experience do you have with basic truck maintenance and repair?

What procedure would you follow if you were involved in a road traffic accident?

Please can you explain any current FMCSA regulations that affect you as a truck driver?

What do you find challenging when having to verify the contents of inventory loads against the shipping papers?

What processes do you undertake to ensure you maintain records, such as vehicle logs, and records of cargo in accordance with regulations?

How do you keep track of deadlines and ensure you complete your delivery in a timely fashion?

How would you handle a client who was dissatisfied because you arrived late with their delivery?

What has been your longest haul to date and how did you stay alert during this trip?

What would you do if you started to lose concentration when on the road?