Job Description Examples

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Elementary School Teacher

We are looking to hire an enthusiastic and dedicated Elementary School Teacher to join our teaching team.  Your goal is to nurture and encourage the intellectual and social development of our children so being able to demonstrate a passion for education is imperative.

You will be responsible for planning, implementing and leading a variety of lessons. To succeed in this role, you need to teach the children with patience and creativity, helping them to learn through activities and instructional methods, which motivate children to further learn and develop.

Taking measures to protect students health and well being is also of utmost importance and you must create and implement rules and policies to manage student conduct.  In order to succeed in this role you must be able to form interpersonal relationships with your students, and take an active interest in their overall development. 


  • Creating a safe, developmentally appropriate classroom environment that is conducive to learning

  • Design and follow a comprehensive teaching plan

  • Meet with parents to discuss education and social related issues

  • Communicating proficiently with students.

  • Upholding high standards of classroom behavior

  • Use a variety of activities and instructional methods to motivate and stimulate children

  • Assess students performance and progress to monitor their development on a regular basis

  • Communicate well with fellow teachers and administration staff

  • Follow and comply with teaching standards and safety regulations


  • Previous experience working as an Elementary School Teacher

  • A bachelor's degree in elementary school education

  • A valid state licence

  • Excellent knowledge of teaching strategies and methods

  • Creative and artistic teaching methodologies

  • Strong communication skills with early years

  • Proficient knowledge of applicable laws, policies and procedures.

  • Outstanding organizational and planning skills