Job Description Examples

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Food Preparation Worker

We are looking to hire a Food Preparation Worker to join our team and assist our kitchen staff by helping to prepare food ingredients for all the dishes we serve to our valued customers.  As a Food Preparation Worker you will be responsible for washing, peeling, trimming, slicing, chopping and grating alongside general food preparation, measuring and weighing of all types of ingredients spanning across meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.  You will therefore need to be comfortable using commercial kitchen equipment including slicers, blenders, grinders, knives and dishwashers.

You will have responsibility over the storage and rotation of ingredients to ensure the freshest produce is provided to our customers as well as maintaining adequate stock levels to ensure we can meet the demands of the kitchen.  Other daily tasks include retrieving pots, pans and other utensils, cleaning and storing kitchen equipment as well as unloading and unpacking food deliveries.

It is helpful if you have previous experience as a food preparation worker or experience in a similar position which has required a strong work ethic, attention to detail, the ability to follow written and verbal instructions.  You need to be enthusiastic about the catering industry and have a passion for food.


  • Keeping a high standard of hygiene at all times around your workstation including 

  • sanitizing all equipment

  • Preparation of all types of food ingredients including meat, fish, fruit and vegetables

  • Cooking, frying, steaming, boiling and other basic cooking techniques

  • Tracking, storing and rotating of all food ingredients to ensure freshness 

  • Ensure stock levels are maintained 

  • Working effectively with kitchen team and adhering to written and oral instruction 

  • Helping to clean the kitchen and empty refuse bins

  • Comply with company procedures and governing food safety policies


  • Experience working in a kitchen or similar catering environment

  • High School Degree / Diploma preferred but not required

  • Able to demonstrate food preparation fundamentals

  • Can follow oral and written recipe instructions

  • Basic math skills, ability to add, subtract, divide and multiply

  • Skilled with handling knives and other kitchen equipment

  • Happy to work on a shift pattern as well over weekends and public holidays