Job Description Examples

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Nursing Assistant

We are looking to hire a Nursing Assistant to work under the supervision of our Healthcare Professionals and provide the most outstanding assistance to our client patients.  You will carry out a wide range of duties associated with providing exemplary patient personal and medical care.  You will also have responsibility over monitoring and recording medical tests and reporting on the patient's condition to senior healthcare professionals. 

In order to perform this role to the required standards, you must exemplify empathy and compassion and take a genuine interest in the care and nurture of individuals. You will also need to be comfortable with, and able to, handle physically and mentally demanding tasks, such as assisting patients in their mobility, turning patients in their beds, and using a variety of medical equipment.


  • Carrying out patient care duties such as taking their temperatures and recording their blood pressure, pulse and weight

  • Ensuring patients are taking their medication correctly

  • Helping patients with their mobility

  • Fulfilling the requests of healthcare professionals

  • Ensuring patients are prepared for treatment

  • Making up beds, giving out and collecting bedpans

  • Inform supervisors about uncommon / unexpected events

  • Act promptly and responsibly in cases of emergency


  • Preferably can demonstrate previous experience in a medical or care focused role

  • Excellent understanding of health & safety

  • Be able to pass a medical and background check

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Able to physically assist in lifting patients

  • Reliable and happy to work in sometimes challenging circumstances

  • Strong ethics and discretion

  • CPR certified

  • High school diploma or equivalent