Summer 2023 Release

Searching on DirectlyApply lets you experience job discovery like never before – finding a job has never looked better.

Over a dozen new features based on job seeker feedback

We've made improvements across the entire DirectlyApply experience, doubling down on our commitment to the job search and matching experience.

This release has been over 4 years in the making, being made possible by the work that has been carried out each year into a culmination of our biggest update and improvements to date.

We believe that providing the job seeker with as much data as possible is crucial to helping them in their job search success.

Updated Zone Search

Our updated zone location search in now 2x faster than the original, and far more accurate for job seekers following optimisations to our advanced geo location system to better locate jobs within zones.

Filter by benefits

Job seekers can now search / filter by 12+ benefits to narrow down results for whats most important to them. We have also increased the speed at which we deliver back the results by over 300%

New branding / color palette

After 4 years we have rebranded the site with a fresh new image. Gone with pink and in with deep purples and a hint of yellow. We hope you like it!

Site speed / performance

We have completed the migration to nextjs which has led to an overall increase in search speed by 300% as well as increases in navigation time between jobs and pages, making job search a little less painful.

Salary Search

Job seekers can now search by salary level. Whilst "jobs near" me is the most searched term, setting a baseline salary for a job search is becoming increasingly important.

Find easy apply jobs easily

We highlight easy apply jobs to make it easier for job seekers to apply from mobile to the jobs they want.

Faster search + matching

300% increase in search speed and match results across mobile job search.

More extractions / rich results on jobs

We have found the more data we can provide to the job seeker, the more likely they are to apply to a job. Therefore we have increased the number of extractions we conduct across all jobs we ingest onto the platform.

Enhanced salary insights and comparisons

Job seekers are now able to easily compare and contrast between jobs to see and measure what matters to them most

Salary Calculator

A brand new salary calculator that enables job seekers to calculate what they make across the hours, days, week, month and year.

Improved job cards

Taking advantage of the enriched data extracted by the platform, we have been able to improve the information displayed on job cards to provide job seekers with a concise view of salient information to aid their job search on mobile.

Healthcare Focused Filters

We have released a "healthcare first" filter in beta mode to help healthcare professionals find jobs more efficiently. We are working on rolling this out across the platform.

Our summer 2023 release is over 4 years in the making, but is just the beginning of our journey to make job search better for everyone. We have a lot more planned for the future and we can't wait to share it with you.

If you want more information about DirectlyApply or our features feel free to reach out to Dylan or Will on Linkedin or email [email protected]